How to Help

This will be a permanent addition to the webpage, under the “how to help” banner.
Please take a minute to look at the projects that are upcoming and see if you can help out.

How to Help:

I don’t typically ask for funds for myself, knowing that God will provide. However, I know many of you would like to know some needs to help support, so here are some ideas.

I’m gonna be making shirts and bandanas soon. I’ll send you a shirt or bandana for any donation if you would like one. This is for you to spread what is going on in this ministry as well.

Generic things that could be sponsored:
$5 – Gallon of gas. Keeps the truck running, easy enough.
$5 – Employing a haitian laborer for 1 day.
$15 – Employing a haitian electrician for 1 day.
$25 – Internet Access (monthly) if I manage to get a blackberry down here. I travel too much for any other internet service.
$75-$150 Toolset for a Haitian Electrician that has been trained by F1 Engineering. Most of these guys have no tools but are learning very well. Tools should enable them to find work.
$100 – Portable Oscilloscope. Only need 2-3, but would be very handy for troubleshooting systems here.
$200 – 1 Solar Panel, typically 150 Watts or more. Usually 10 are needed for 1 installation.
$400 – 1 6 Volt Battery. Lifespan is typically 7+ years. 4 Batteries needed at a time for an installation for a 24 Volt set.
$500 – Solar Charge Controller. 1 needed for each installation.
$500 – Round Trip ticket for 1 3-month stretch in Haiti.
$1200 – Inverter. 1 needed for each installation.
$1500 – Solar Well Pump (Panels not included).

Specific Jobs:
Missions E4 – Leogane:
Profile: 31 orphan girls being cared for by a loving haitian staff. No running water, power only from a small generator.
-$3500 for Solar Well System
-$4000 for Solar Power System

Mission of Hope International – Grand Goave:
Profile: School for 700 students, plus church facility. Limited Solar Power to supplement Grid Power.
-$3000 for batteries to keep the power running when EDH goes out, most often during church services.

Madame Bonite’s:
Profile: Independent ministry run by Bonite herself. Feeds 275+ kids everyday, many avenues of community outreach, daily prayer services, church facility. Amazing woman. Limited Grid power that has damaged
appliances with surges. Limited solar power installed by F1 Engineering.

-$1200 for inverter. At installation time, she had one, but it has since died.

Hands and Feet Project – Grand Goave:
Profile: 31 child orphanage. Currently in temporary facility. Limited power needs, just lights, fans, and water pumps. No grid access. Generator available if needed.

-$5000 for solar power installation.
-$3500 for solar well installation. (low priority)

3 Seams Clothing:
Profile: Employing Haitian seamstresses to make “buy one, give one” clothing like Tom’s shoes. Grid power available, but normally not during work hours.

-$12000 total for batteries, inverters, backup generator, and electrical supplies. (Don’t have building yet, so lower priority as well)

Delmas 75 Aids House:
Profile: Independent facility founded by a couple from Montreal. Will house HIV+ orphans who are not accepted at most facilities.
-$6000 for solar power installation and backup generator

Mission of Hope International Guest House:
Profile: The guest house facility for the MOH organization. This is my home when I’m in Haiti. They provide food and shelter when I am homeless.

-$4000 for solar power system.

Xantex Repair Facility:
Profile: An economic development project I am trying to start. If approved by the Xantrex company, I will need to get the proper tools to be an authorized repair shop in Les Cayes.

-$5000 roughly. Not really sure as tools will overlap other F1 Engineering needs.

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