I’m Still Alive :)

Sorry it has been so long since my last post.
I was without internet for the past week as I did not want to intrude on Child Hope with our crew of 6 team members now.
Finally today I got internet service from Access Haiti, so I am back to being in touch.

So much has happened this past week, I am very excited.
After the road trip on Monday with Maggie and Tiff, I just got back and got ready to more company.
It was such a blessing to see Josh, Sean, and Rullo show up at the airport. Three of the guys I am absolutely closest to back home. Josh and Sean were with me when we first thought about coming to Haiti, the day after the quake, and they were the ones who were getting annoyed when I was still talking about Haiti weeks later while still not having any connections. 🙂 I’m glad they got to make it here to experience this.
Granted, we just defined a completely new experience for short-term missions work.
As Bob called us, this was the missionary frat house this week. Jude traveled up from Cayes to work with us, so we ended up with 6 20-something guys in the house all week. Tools, clothes, and stuff is everywhere, but we will clean up before it’s time to head out. 🙂

On the work front:
We built beds for 8 short-term missionaries and 15 kids. Plus, we finished the bathroom door, cleared some brush from the yard, wired up power to the rest of the house, and…
we got a goat!
definitely one of the most awesome things from the week was when I mentioned to Bob Herdman that we should get a goat to clear the vacant lot next to us to be usable, and he decided that it was a good idea. 🙂
an epic 4 hour journey for Yves, Tyler, and Sean, and $40 U.S. later and we had a goat. Then we lowered it over the property wall in a sheet, and now Peanut is wandering around in her own tropical paradise, eating whatever she wants, and we lower down a bucket of water everyday to make sure she’s doing ok.

In other news, we’ve just had a great week working here. We’ve gotten a great perspective about what is going on here, and throughout the country as we took a road trip to return tools to Cayes.
Some of the highlights from that portion were meeting Jude’s family in Cayes and passing out the clothes that Real Skateboards and Spitfire Wheels sent down for kids, and hanging out in grand goave with maggie, tiff, and the beach crew (marie-yves, felix, carol, et al).

Also, Bob spent a couple days with us here, and that was sweet. Heard some great stories about his days with the band, with Flicker Records, and other stuff he’s been up to in his life, plus got to talk a bit about future plans for H&F in haiti and realizing where I may fit. I’ll have a meeting next Monday in Tennesee with Mark Stuart and Bob about some ideas for the future and all, so please keep that in your prayers.

Thanks for keeping up with the adventures down here.
I’ll be heading stateside Wednesday, and probably staying in D.C. that night, then home on Thursday.
This weekend I would like to head to Franklin, NC for church on Sunday, then to Tennesee to meet with Mark and Bob on Monday. Then I’ll be home for Halloween and more exciting things with Crucified.

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