Jehovah Jireh

So, in an awesome story, I have a truck. And if this seems like a repost, it is not, cause I do not have a 1987 F-350, but a 1999 Chevy 3500 now.

Last Friday, Dad and I got word that the ’87 had an engine issue that would require about $1k to fix, to go along with the 6 new tires it needed, and the $1k that I needed to put into a generator to take down. Plus I still needed to build a ladder rack and add boxes to it to make it useful.

So, we started looking around again.
First, we found a 1993 F-250 diesel in Akron area. So, on tuesday, we drove towards Akron. However, we got a call from the dealership that the truck had sold right as we were crossing the Ohio/PA border.
We could have just turned around on the turnpike and went home, but instead, we decided to return home through Pittsburgh on 22 to check out those dealerships as well.
And, on our wandering through Ohio to connect between the turnpike and Rt 22, we came across something interesting.
It was a work truck, formerly a Verizon truck I think, with the storage boxes in the bed, and a built in generator, and 2 good tires. And it was advertised as $5500.
This was new to us, cause we had always eliminated these trucks from our search because they weren’t diesel. But, with only 100k on it’s gasoline powered V8, it seemed to be in excellent condition, so we took a business card and kept it in mind as we came home.

Then, on Wednesday, we found one closer to home, at Griffith Auto Sales, in Home, PA (near Indiana). This truck was a 1999 Chevy 3500, dual rear wheels, 82k miles on it’s 5.7 liter V-8(gas). It had 6 brand new tires, a generator, the outside boxes, and an enclosed back that I could sleep in if needed, and they were asking $4900. So we took it for a test drive, and when we came back, they said $4400.
Since we could not afford to have any unknown issues, we arranged to pick it up on Friday and take it to our mechanic to check out, and if it passed inspection, we would move forward.

Friday morning, in an amazing picture of what God can do, I showed up to Griffith to get the truck, and Dustin gave me the news. He had talked to his dad and the rest of the family that runs their store, and they decided that since the truck was being used for missions in Haiti, they would sell it for $2900, the same price they paid for it at auction.
I still took it to the mechanic, mainly because I didn’t have a checkbook with me at the time, but it checked out great. Needed a new battery and nothing else. So I got Dad, and we went back out and finished the deal, and I now have a truck that will be great for what I need, ready to be packed up as I prepare to leave next Wednesday to return to Haiti.

Also, we’ve already had interest in the For Sale sign in the ’87 F-350, and have been told that was can probably recoup most of our money cause even with the issues we got it for a pretty good price.

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