June Trip

Here’s where I stand for the June Trip right now.
In an ideal situation, I will travel June 3 or 4 to PAP, then get into Grand Goave to tie up some loose ends at Mission of Hope.
From there, I would also check out Pastor Enoch’s place before heading for Jacmel.
On the way to Jacmel, I would like to stop at Pastor Hakeem’s church to investigate a small solar installation there to replace their generator on sunday mornings.
In Jacmel, I want to equalize their batteries and run some system tests to see if I can get their battery life back to where it should be.
Then, I would try to head to Les Cayes to visit Pwoje Espwa and look at the solar installation they have their and try to troubleshoot them. Also, I would look into future installation at their facility.
If possible, I would like to get up to Jeremie as well, but that may be pushing it for travel that week.
Then, I would meet up with Dr. Jay in Cayes to work with Missions International for a week expanding solar power, taking inventory of their materials, and setting up the workshop and possibly drip irrigation.
Total trip cost looks to be about $2000 for travel expenses, translators, food, and transportation.
I can’t afford that right now. Please help if you can cause I am broke, but this is the ground work that needs done before we can start more installations.

Also, in a side note, I am trying to enroll in an online college course to earn my national certification as a Entry-Level PV (Solar Panel) Installer in the U.S. This is overkill for Haiti, but I think it would be helpful to learn how to do it the american way so I know how to translate it to Haitian Engineering better. This class will run $1090, which I also do not have right now. Please be praying for that need to be met as well.

God Bless,

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