Made it here safely.

Made it to Port-au-Prince safely.
Luggage took a while to make it to baggage claim, I was getting a little worried, but it all made it.
Met up with Nadair and Jeff at the airport. Now I’m settled in to my room.
Going to try to find the hardware store now to check on batteries.
Then have no other plans for the night. Will meet up with David Jones tomorrow at the airport.

Thoughts from the plane:
-Haitians are friendly people.
-Thought of a water cooling system to the inverter/batteries.
Using the water pump and roof reservoir type system that is typically employed, run metal water pipe through the area with the batteries and inverter. Then use fans to pull air past the water pipe, across the components, then vent outside. Have a picture drawn up, but it’s on paper, so it will have to wait til later.

God Bless,

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