Off again…

It’s that time.
I stayed home longer than I expected, but it was for good reason. There’s a lot of good things going on around Crucified Ministries right now, and I was glad to be a part of them. As always, I wish I could take all the people with me on my trip to Haiti, but I understand that things need to continue in Johnstown as well.

I will be in Haiti until December 13th, when I travel all day to get back to Washington DC @ 11pm.

I am looking forward to this trip. I was home long enough to actually relax a bit and recharge, and that God took the time to refocus me on what I am doing. Sometimes it is way too easy to just keep “doing good things” instead of focusing on Christ and His glory.

I look forward to the projects for the next couple months. Installing solar panels at Madam Bonite’s (Jacmel) and Mission of Hope-Kay Milleton (Grand Goave). As well as taking care of jobs with MIA (Les Cayes), Destiny Village (St. Marc), and other places.

This should also be the trip that I get together an electrical school of sorts, depending on the availability of a translator. It is still a high priority on my part, but I do not want to do it until I cn do it well.

As you are reading this, I simply ask that you would pray for Haiti, and for me, that I would bring Christ as much glory as possible.

God Bless.

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