Prayers for Healing

Hi all,

Today I want to focus on a topic that we don’t often discuss on the F1 site, health and safety.

Haiti’s healthcare situation is rather rough. The hospitals exist, but often times lack equipment, organization, power, and even proper staffing.

As a result, Jamie and I have helped patch up our crew multiple times after moto accidents, which are the most common injury we see. Unfortunately, sometimes it is beyond our ability to do anything. So, in those cases, we offer financial support for our guys to go see a doctor. Sadly, we can’t even trust this outcome either.

Right now, Waly and Anderson are dealing with lingering issues from moto accidents. Waly’s accident was in November, and his wrist is still causing him pain. Ander’s accident was the whole way back in July. Both of them went to the hospital and received treatment, and I thought the would be properly checked out and healing.

Waly’s moto after he hit a tree that had been laid in the road at night. We’re thankful that his wrist was the only damage, and that Jonas escaped uninjured as the passenger.

Then, a few weeks ago, they both went to get x-rays since their bodies were still being so slow to recover. For Waly, I can’t tell much, because I don’t know what a hand/wrist x-ray should look like. However, when I saw this picture of Ander’s foot, I knew we needed to find a course of action.

Waly’s Hand
Anderson’s Foot

Please pray for us as we have an orthopedic consult with CCH on tomorrow (Sunday) for both of these guys. There is a team of orthopedic surgeon’s visiting this week, but they may already have their schedule’s booked up tight so I’m not sure what the consultation will yield. At least we will get some answers on the next step forward. If CCH can’t do it, surgery would likely be in the thousands of dollars for Anderson, so I don’t know how it would get paid for, but I am sure his foot needs some work.

Also, please keep my mom in your prayers, as she had another surgery this past week. It was a followup on last year’s major surgery to remove thyroid cancer. She is in good spirits and anxiously awaiting her release from the hospital.

God Bless

P.S. CCH stand for Community Coalition for Haiti, a non-profit based out of Northern Virginia which has a clinic and surgery center here in Jacmel. They offer physical therapy services year round and bring in surgical teams periodically for these kinds of issues.

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