Sunday in Cayes

Had a good weekend out here.
Saturday was frustrating. Didn’t get much accomplished because I was locked out of places I needed to be.
BUT, we got a good feeling of achievement when the power failed at the guest house around 9pm, and we still had power cause I had the inverter system running by that point.

Church today was awesome. Long and hot, but very exciting. The musicians are developing nicely. They went from unorganized, off-pitch, off-tempo chaos in May, to a group that was learning their instruments and working together to make good music this time.
Took 2 steps forward, 1 step back at the school as we got the wiring done for the container, but have to rebreak a section of concrete that was filled in when we finished.
Tomorrow I’ll be getting keys made and running wires for the water pump, clinic, and the transfer switch for the generators.

Thought from Friday:
Pizo showed up decked out as always to meet us for dinner. Except, instead of the red and white shirt he always wears (that Jan Nielsen gave him), he showed up in his “To Write Love on Her Arms” t-shirt, that I can only figure came from Jason Blades on our May Trip. This was huge. It is truly a testament of how much that trip meant to him. Special thanks to my team for being awesome that week.

God Bless.

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