Thoughts for the Future

So, the plan is to go back to Haiti in June, by myself for the first week (June 4-12), then working with Missions International in Les Cayes again for a second week (13-20).
While my goal is simply to visit potential future work sites in Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, St. Etienne, Grand Goave, Jeremie, and Les Cayes, there are a few things that are needed ahead of time.
Costs should be minimal for this trip compared to the last one, but it will still be $1500-$2000 to cover travel, tips, translators, food, and lodging.
A couple things that will be needed. I need to figure out access to a vehicle to get around and a generator to use for battery maintenance. Also, I need to get a few more parts to finish up the installation at Mission of Hope.

Some thoughts on Philosophy for our Future Missions:
We love Haiti. We love Haitian culture. There are plenty of people there who are ready and willing to work, but do not have tools and no one has money to pay them.
We are not looking to take America to Haiti. We simply want to enable Haiti to help Haiti.
From a practical standpoint, that means we need to be careful what technology we introduce. We do not want to destroy the Haitian culture, or pull them into some of the same pitfalls that the U.S. has fallen into.

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