Truck Pictures, Finally

Finally, some pics of the truck

Special Thanks to all who helped:
(a) get this truck here (mom, dad, josh, Pastor Lex and Renee)
(b) donate and load stuff to send (too many to name, sorry)
(c) and help organize this thing (kim, especially, thanks for all the tie downs and bungees)
and (d) Special thanks to Griffith Auto Sales for hooking me up with an amazing deal.

In other news. Tomorrow I’ll go meet Scott Thomas in Port-Au-Prince to work on a church for this coming week. Pretty excited.
Also, check out the previous post about the opportunity to come down.
Cost: $900ish ($350 + plane ticket)
Time: Either Thanksgiving week, of the week after. Need Input.

Talk to me if you’re interested. Facebook, email, whatever. God Bless.

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