Truck Situation

So, got some bad news, and some good news.

First, the F-350 that we got from Alabama does have problems. Specifically, one of the cylinders is not functioning in the engine, and the transmission is less than happy.
Also, it’s just not overall that trustworthy.

And the better news:
through a “god directed” situation, i found this truck. yeah, it’s gas instead of diesel, but it’s got a 4.5kW Onan generator on board.
2000 Chevy 3500, 101k miles, awesome bed setup. Completely clean.
Will need 2 tires, plus a spare wheel. Also lacks A/C, which is not fun, but I’ll figure it out.
This costs more, but will be a much better vehicle in the long run.

In other news, the F350 will go back up for sale, and we should be able to recoup most of our money from it. So, best to cut our losses now and get the right vehicle there.

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