Update to all

Especially to David Jones and Wayne Wiersma:

Since I got home this past trip, I’ve been struggling a bit. Not sure why, but maybe just that in Haiti I am living absolutely by faith and focused solely on God. Then I got home and had so many distractions, and just lost focus on what was going on. I got caught up in the day to day stuff around Crucified here. So, I got sidetracked from F1, but more importantly I got pretty complacent with God.

However, I can post this cause He’s gotten my attention back. We’re all good now. Pretty sweet how just getting things back in order with God renews your passion immediately. So, expect more info from me shortly.

Also, I have tentatively set a few dates for the future:
August (after the 15th) – Trip to Ounaminthe with Wayne from MIA
Sometime between Sept and Nov – Trip to Jacmel to rewire the orphanage
December 7-9 – ECHO conference in Florida. Would be open to going to Haiti directly before or after since flights should be cheaper from Miami.

That’s my best thoughts for now.

Also, projects on the docket:
-Prototype of 200W inverter for production at MIA factory
-Prototype of Batter Charger for same purpose
-Build a Haiti Shack and live in it here in PA to figure out other improvements that can be made for the public in Haiti
-Finish Proposal for Mission E4/Degand School/Living Media International groups
-Test Cold Water Radiator Cooling System (probably in my Haiti Shack)
-Talk with H&F about design ideas for Grand Goave

These may require travel. If I can work it out, I would like to go to Franklin, TN to work with H&F in person on some things.
Also, if things work out, I would probably do prototyping at Cedarville University. I will talk to the faculty this week to check the possibilities.
Please pray that details can get worked out. I can’t afford to take much time off of work at the fruit market right now.

P.S. I have more pictures from the June Trip on my laptop once I recover that data.

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